We are presenting in AI Cosmologies at MozFest 2023.

Topic: “AI, Blockchain, and Digital Currencies: As Soon as money becomes bodiless.”

Proposal content: 

Money is often viewed as a spiritual force in our society. This session sets out to explore the spiritual implications of a cashless society by examining how new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence (AI) can change our relationship to money and its meaning from a decolonial perspective. 

We will look at how the move to a cashless society can alleviate class inequalities and poverty, and how it can offer spiritual opportunities across borders. We will also explore the myths around money and how they might be challenged and reexamined in a cashless society. Finally, we will discuss the emerging opportunities, challenges, and risks of this new reality.

The decolonisation of money is a key concept to consider in the transition to a cashless society. Decolonisation refers to the process of undoing the legacy of colonialism and imperialism by challenging the existing structures of power. In the context of money, decolonisation is the process of undoing the power dynamics between the dominant and subordinate groups and shifting the power away from those who have traditionally held it. 

This could involve changing the way money is created, distributed, and used, as well as the way it is perceived and valued. Decolonisation of money could involve developing new currencies and trading systems, such as crypto-currencies, that are not dependent on the traditional banking system or any particular nation-state. It could also involve rethinking the way money is used, such as changing the way it is exchanged and how it is valued from a physiological (the heart and stomach) and an abstract point of view. Ultimately, the aim of decolonising money is to create a more equitable and equitable global financial system that works for all people.

Conceptual researcher: Rehilwe Mooketsi

Moderator: Rehilwe Mooketsi

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