Policy Excluded Sectors


We develop evidence-based research and data analysis that is differentiated through the inclusion of the perspectives of those in policy-excluded sectors. These are the segments of society that are often overlooked and deemed too complex or difficult to be included in political party manifestos. By doing so, we aim to develop a politically neutral policy position that centres the realities of people and is not influenced by a particular party’s ideologically driven positions. Our aim is to develop a palatable policy that can be implemented in order to promote social justice, economic equality, and human dignity. 

We use a variety of methods, including quantitative and qualitative research, more importantly, digital media, to obtain an accurate and up-to-date understanding of these sectors. This includes gathering data from relevant stakeholders, such as government, community, business representatives, and social media, as well as conducting interviews and focus groups. Our research is designed to identify potential policy solutions that are equitable, effective, and politically neutral. We also seek to identify and promote evidence-based policy that is both economically sound and socially responsible. 

As the program’s budget improves, we will explore potential initiatives and technologies to devise the most effective solution for implementing final recommendations. Thus ensuring that all citizens can benefit from the advancements of the digital age. Through this research, we aim to provide valuable insights into the challenges posed by alienation in the 4IR and to identify effective ways of ensuring the equitable inclusion of all citizens in Johannesburg.

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