Research Approach


The concept of Alienation can be defined as a feeling of disconnection, estrangement, dissociation, disaffection, disengagement, detachment, severance, remoteness, aloofness, disunity, isolation, seclusion, exclusion, separation, dissent, divisiveness, variance, rift, separation, distance or insularity.

We seek to thoroughly examine how these concepts interact and their implications for human dignity and the humiliation of the most vulnerable members of the population. Our research endeavors to uncover solutions that can combat Alienation in South Africa’s democratic society, granting all citizens equal access to the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution in Johannesburg.

It is our goal to create a city-centred approach to tackling the challenges of Alienation that take into consideration the unique needs of the city, its people, its industries, and its overall sustainability. We have solutions to reduce the alienation felt by the city’s inhabitants and to provide them with resources that can help them build better lives. Through our research, we aim to provide the city’s inhabitants with the tools they need to build a more secure and equitable society where everyone can thrive and find belonging.

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